EDS offers a full-time Service Department dedicated to upholding the integrity of your fire alarm system. Whether EDS installed it or not, our inspection teams work throughout the Valley every day testing the functionality of Las Vegas fire alarm systems in all types of businesses from casinos to condo towers and everything in between. Our efficient and comprehensive inspectors have earned EDS rave reviews from long-time clients Clark County, the City of Las Vegas and the Metropolitan Police Department. We offer 24-hour emergency service on any of your low-voltage systems, meaning that our service technicians respond to your calls promptly and keep you abreast of the progress that’s made onsite. At EDS Electronics, you are our top priority.

All inspection and service reports are generated using the sophisticated Honeywell CLSS reporting software, eliminating lengthy paper reports while increasing speed and efficiency with data available in real time. Each report is compliant with NFPA and all regulatory standards, and is available online. While other vendors in Las Vegas use reporting software, Honeywell CLSS is the only non-proprietary software on the market. Our scanners can scan any barcode on any product and download information instantly, regardless of manufacturer.

Other benefits not currently provided by other vendors include the ability to provide online access to current and archived service work orders and event history, as well as online access to the panel for real -time status. Taking it one step further, Honeywell CLSS can not only verify that a device was tested, but it can tell us how the device was tested (magnet, smoke, etc.) No other software can make that claim.

Looking to control costs? We have three maintenance plans to satisfy even the tightest of budgets.