Honeywell CLSS

Through the implementation of Honeywell Connected Life Safety Services, EDS has become the industry leader for advanced reporting technology, a position which stands out amongst competitors.

What is Honeywell CLSS?

Honeywell CLSS is leading-edge software that automates and streamlines inspection and service data, and because Honeywell CLSS is managed and served in “the Cloud,” the data is available in real-time and accessible to our customers 24-7.

Why Honeywell CLSS?

The use of reporting software eliminates lengthy paper reports while increasing speed and efficiency. Each report is compliant with NFPA and all regulatory standards, and available online along with current and archived service work orders and event history. This advanced reporting system reduces errors, eliminates redundancies and allows for greater productivity by barcoding every device and scanning upon testing. While other vendors in Las Vegas use reporting software, Honeywell CLSS is the only nonproprietary software on the market. Our scanners can scan any barcode on any product, and download instant information, regardless of manufacturer. Taking it one step further, Honeywell CLSS can not only verify that a device was tested, but it can tell us how the device was tested (magnet, smoke, etc.). No other software can make that claim.

Honeywell CLSS enables visual documentation. Technicians can use their mobile devices to take digital photographs of equipment and areas that require corrective action. Those images are then stored in the cloud with inspection data and are embedded in the final inspection report for the customer’s benefit.

Do you have a Notifier system? Honeywell CLSS can do even more for you. Through the installation of a Notifier web portal card, get real-time alerts. Fire system alarms, troubles and supervisory events will be displayed in real-time for systems connected to the data center with the web portal card. The customer and EDS will immediately know of any issues with installed fire systems and be able to provide fast response time.